We are the Sydney Swing Katz

The Sydney Swing Katz are one of Australia's premiere swing dancing performance troupes. Their spectacular and extravagant floorshows replicate the dance styles done in the 20s, 30s, 40s and 50s - Charleston, Swing, Lindy Hop, and Rock n Roll.

The Sydney Swing Katz troupe was established in 2000 and is comprised of many talented, vibrant, young and enthusiastic dancers from Sydney, Australia. They have performed alongside some great musicians and artists such as The Beach Boys, John & James Morrison, The Bloody Beetroots, Lanie Lane, Belles Will Ring, United Dance Works (UDW), Ignatius Jones, Rhonda Burchmore, The Velvet Set & Monica Trapaga just to name a few. They also have earned the respect of their peers in the world of dancing through many years of competing and teaching.

Loved in the scene

"The Sydney Swing Katz highly polished presentation has been featured with Swing City at our biggest performances and they knock us out every time. SSK present traditional Lindy Hop with a fresh and original style, which continues to amaze even other professional dancers. They don't just burn the floor, they blow it up!"

- John Morrison of John Morrisons Swing City Band

Praise from the press

"The Katz explode with colour, excitement and energy the moment they hit the floor recreating those gravity defying air steps and swinging sex appeal!"

- Harden Murrumburrah Express Newspaper

Meet the Katz



Choreographer & Manager

Justin has been an integral part of the Katz since its inception in 2000 with his roles as head choreographer and principal instructor. He was one of the original founding members and has been dancing for 20 years.

In this time he has achieved almost everything possible, from National and Australasian titles, to City Council Awards and Young Australian of the year nominations. Justin and former partner Kelly were the eventual winners of the Marrickville 'Band of Gold Rock n Roll' dance competition, taking home $20,000 dollars. Justin's passion for dance is evident when you see his smooth dance style on the floor.

Monica Flip
Monica Scooter


Performer & Teacher

Monica (even though one of our younger katz) is the lead kitten among the girls. She brings a sexy, elegant flare to the dance floor, with unique footwork and some of the fastest spins you will ever see.

Monica has over 9 years of dancing experience and in that time has achieved a lot, from winning numerous competitions to performing at prestigious events. She now focuses on teaching and performing in such styles as Bridal Waltz, Latin, Swing and Rock n Roll.

James Flip
James at St James Station


Performer & Teacher

James is one of the senior members of the newly reformed Swing Katz. He has over 7 years dance experience, including his head teacher role at Blue Suede Shoes Dance School and 4 years of performing and competing. In this time he has developed a unique style and some fast footwork.

One of James' achievements was winning the Rock n Roll dance off with Monica Kroehnert (a fellow Kat) at the Gangters' Ball, held at the Sydney Metro in 2009.

Suzie baseball outfit
Suzie airplane


Performer & Teacher

Suzie found herself in Swing and Rock n Roll dancing after being introduced to it just a short time ago, But don't let this fool you! Out on the dance floor Suzie is up there with the best of them, where her smile, passion for the dance and love of the music shine through.

In this short time, Suzie has gained a wealth of experience in performance dancing and competitions. Just recently, she has started to make a move towards becoming a dance instructor.

Lynette dwalks
Lynette down the back



Lynette has come back from hiatus to rejoin the Katz once again and continue her passion for swing dancing. She knows numerous styles ranging from rockabilly to swing and has had a lot of influences in her 8-year plus dancing career. In this time Lynette has performed and competed with great success ; she has a genuine love for dancing, music, and training.

Jonathan under arm turn
Jonathan danceing Rock n Roll



This man strolled in a stray cat from the Northen Beaches.

After a little scrub up and a new home with The Swing Katz, Jono is ready once again to show what he is made of.

Liz spin
Liz lift



This young lady has been dancing as long as she has been walking ! Liz started her dance career in the fields of ballet, jazz, and contemporary. Along the way she has also dabbled in Tap dancing and Hip Hop until finally stumbling along Swing dancing.

Liz brings her own unique style to the dance floor as her Ballet and Modern influence are evident in her Swing. She also brings youthful exuberance and over 15 years of dance experience from competing, performing and medal tests.

Eden floorcraft
Eden ball



Eden is the bubbly and enthusiastic kat she brings character, charisma and energy to every performance and training session she does.

Eden has been Swing and Rock n Roll dancing for over 6 years, competing and performing along the way. She also loves the challenge of new techniques and aerials. Be on the lookout for this Kat in years to come!

Jess slow swing
Jess cartwheel.



Jess began dancing Swing and Rock n Roll at sweet 16 and in the time since has been able to add her touch of class to Rockabilly, Latin, and even Ballroom dancing. She also has national competition titles in Rock n Roll and from the Western Sydney Dance Champs 2010.

Joining the Katz in 2007, Jess is one of our most experienced dancers in the art of aerials and throws. She performs regularly with the Katz and adds her sexy, sultry, sassy attitude every time she hits the floor!

Baseball routine swing out
Pheonix Chromefest14



Pheonix is the youngest little Swing dancing star in our troupe.

When she hits the dance floor watch out! One of the best dancers you will see, especially for her age.

Rodney casual
Closed position



Our Latin, Ballroom, Swing all rounder. Rodney brings past experience and dedication to the floor.

Shoulder up



As our tenacious black belt swing dancer, Karen is always ready to give a knock out performance.

Ruby on the phone
Ruby Chromefest 14


Performer and Film Maker

Ruby is our filmmaking Kat - she found the Katz on set one day and hasn't looked back, preferring a role in front of the camera now rather than behind it. She has a love for everything swing, lindy, and rock n roll, you'll find her on the floor dancing the night away with a smile that could melt butter.

Chrome 13
B Chromefest 14



Honey B is a double or nothing kind of Kat, who has plunged herself into various swing scenes around the world over the last 4 years. She brings her enthusiasm and ever-ready smile to the Katz after two years of refining her dance in Canada. When she's not dancing, she's dancing in her head and playing the occasional musical instrument, be on the look out for this kitten. *profile picture by Alexandra Furminger

Tay Aerial
Tay Dance



Our newest little kitty to join the Katz.


Performer in Training

Newest Kat profile coming soon...


Performer in Training

Newest Kat profile coming soon...


Performer in Training

Newest Kat profile coming soon...



Newest Kat on the block.



Newest Kat on the block.



Newest Kat on the Block



Newest Kat on the block.



Newest Kat on the block.



Newest Kat on the block.

Partners & sponsors

We partner with many organisations, both big and small. The Swing Katz would like to thank our current sponsors. If your interested cooperating, feel free to contact us.


The Sydney Swings Katz are proud to be accredited by the Australian Bridal Service.